Our volunteers come from all walks of life – we are a reflection of the communities we serve. With St John ACT, you will learn new skills, build strong relationships with new people you meet, and make a real contribution to your community.

We currently have more than 200 volunteers who treat patients in situations ranging from acute emergency situations through to minor sprains and grazes.

We are always looking for enthusiastic, willing and capable people to become part of our rich history of saving lives through First Aid. If you have the time and energy to volunteer we would certainly like to hear from you. As a volunteer, you will be given the training, support and confidence to feel ready in your role to help the local community.

We have a range of programs that you can be involved in. These include Event Health Services, CBR NightCrew and Community Education, explore these options below!

When you volunteer with us, you become a part of the welcoming team that’s changing lives. And the first life that will change is yours. 

Event Health Services

As a St John First Aider, you will be taught to deal with a variety of patient needs from applying a simple band-aid through to performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). St John provides a comprehensive training program so you do not need any prior knowledge/skills to join.

Our team of health care professionals and volunteers dedicate themselves to caring for the public at events across the Canberra region. You’ll find our team at Skyfire, Floriade, GIO stadium, Spilt Milk and local community events, providing a first aid response and pre-hospital care to the public. You are sure to find the right event for you with us!

St John also plays a vital role in emergency first aid in support of our community. Our services are part of the ACT Government Emergency Plan and can be called on at short notice.

Pathways exist once you volunteer for St John. You may choose to move along the pathway or continue your service at any level. All contributions are valued.

St John First Aiders may attend and support at first aid duties provided they are under the supervision of the Event Commander or another suitably qualified member.

St John First Responder is the first in our more advanced first aid options. You must have completed the First Responder Accreditation training provided by St John. This includes the Certificate II in Medical Services First Response.

This option would suit those volunteers that wish to advance their first aid skills and gain stronger leadership and management skills to complement their first aid training. It would also suit those members who wish to act as a team leader at events and supervise others.

St John Advanced Responders are highly trained first aid providers. They must be at least 18 years of age and have extensive experience in the delivery of first aid in practical, hands-on situations and have completed Advanced Responder Accreditation. This includes the Certificate III in Basic Health Care.

This option would appeal to those volunteers that have a strong desire to learn very advanced first aid techniques and take on senior roles in the management of significant first aid events and emergencies.

St John Health Care Professional is a volunteering option for those with recognised professional clinical qualifications. These members need to provide current certificates of registration for one of the following; Enrolled Nurse, Registered Nurse, Ambulance Paramedic or Doctor.

St John Health Care Professionals are able to provide advanced clinical knowledge and support at most events. Health Care Professionals are also able to assist in Medical Assessment Teams (MAT) at major or high-risk events, where advanced life support skills and knowledge is required for acute clinical care.

This option is suitable for those Health Professionals who want to support First Aid Volunteers, get some different clinical experiences and also potentially work in acute care at high risk events such as music festivals.

CBR NightCrew

Our volunteer program aims to minimize harm to vulnerable people in Canberra’s late-night entertainment area with our team providing advice for safe transport options, basic first aid, water and other assistance between 10pm and 4am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. So if you love the people, atmosphere and the buzz of a night out in the city without the alcohol, you’ll have the time of your life with NightCrew!

As a member of the CBR NightCrew you’ll be able to act within either a patrolling team of 3 or at the main tent, giving you the opportunity to help those in need or engage with the public!

The CBR NightCrew Team Leaders lead teams of 3 out on patrols and facilitate the effective rendering of aid and assistance to the public. Their role is crucial for communication with the NightCrew coordinator and external authorities to maintain operational effectiveness.

Community Education

Our free community education program aims to make first aid part of every Canberran’s life by delivering a range of first aid awareness programs and encouraging people to become adequately trained to deliver first aid. We deliver non-accredited first aid workshops to local Primary schools, active retirees, vulnerable people and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the basics of first aid.

Our programs are funded by commercial income, donations, sponsorship and grants.

First Aid in Schools gives every primary school aged child in the ACT the opportunity to learn basic first aid skills as well as equipping them with the skills to know how to respond in an emergency situation. We offer fun, age-appropriate sessions in which the children learn valuable skills they will keep with them for life.

Project Resilience is aimed at Seniors and Retirees, giving them 1-2 hour workshop style sessions in topics such as Choking, Falls, CPR, Stroke, Burns and other topics by request. We can come to your location or you can use our training rooms in Deakin for groups of 10+ per session.

Project Survival is focussed on giving basic first aid skills to those at risk or vulnerable. We visit drug and alcohol treatment services, refuges and other organisations to empower participants to know what to do in emergencies as well as learning basic first aid skils.

Why volunteer with us?

There are lots of ways to get involved within your community and this is just one of the many unique ones, with St John Ambulance being able to offer you so many things! The list below is by no means exhaustive and is merely a snapshot of the benefits you could get out of volunteering your time to help your local community;

  • Get unique opportunities to be a part of many local community events within the ACT, ranging from commemorative services, music festivals, community events, sports and so much more!
  • Develop your first aid skill set through a variety of experiences and mentoring from highly qualified professionals,
  • Access to FREE nationally accredited training to keep you qualified and enhance your medical and first aid knowledge,
  • The ability to diversify your skills through internal training such as the Bicycle Emergency Response Team,
  • Be provided the opportunity to develop your leadership and team-work and eventually lead teams in the operational environment,
  • Work with a motivated and passionate team in each of our volunteering fields that will make you feel a part of the community,
  • Be a part of a supportive national community that will always look after your wellbeing,
  • And so much more! 

Still not convinced? Come speak to us out on duty or contact us through social media, our phone number, (02) 6282 2399, or via email!

Get involved and become a St John Ambulance volunteer!

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