Temperature Screening

St John Ambulance Temperature Screening Service

Be proactive in the defence against Covid-19 at your workplace with the St John Ambulance Temperature Screening Service.

Along with a sore throat, dry cough and fatigue, an elevated body temperature is a common symptom of Covid-19. Temperature Screening of individuals is an effective defence mechanism to vastly reduce the risk of infection within your workplace or organisation.

St John Ambulance can provide a qualified and highly trained team to conduct screening on your behalf in order to assist you in mitigating the risk of exposure.

What do we offer?

Temperature Screening Service

St John Ambulance will provide a highly trained and qualified team to conduct temperature screening at your workplace or organisation. Services offered include:

  • Forehead temperature screening for individuals entering the premises using clinical grade infrared thermometers.
  • Workers in full PPE (disposable gown, gloves, mask and protective eyewear) to minimise risk of virus transmission.
  • Reporting to the client for management and decision making of individuals failing temperature testing.

Contact us for pricing and further information. 

info@stjohnact.org.au or (02) 6282 2399

Temperature Screening Kit

We offer a comprehensive Temperature Screening Kit to enable workplaces and organisations to conduct their own temperature screening.

Kit contents:

  • Non-contact infrared forehead thermometer
  • 100 pack gloves
  • 50 pack surgical masks
  • 250ml hospital based hand sanitiser
  • 1 pair medical eye goggles
  • 10 pack antiseptic swabs
  • 1 x Infection Control e-Learning course
*Please note that brands shown in the photo may differ in kits but quality and content will remain the same.


$310.00 per kit, 10% discount for 10 or more kits ($280.00)

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