Our volunteers are able to fulfill a number of first aid roles in order to best facilitate our services in the ACT. These teams are flexible and can vary in size and variety depending on what you want, whether it be a school fete or a music festival. You can put your trust in us to keep your patrons safe.

Health Professionals

Using a combination of volunteer First Aiders, First Responders, Nurses and Paramedics we can deliver professional first aid and health care to your event and ensure your participants and spectators have access to quality pre-hospital emergency care.

These crews can be static or roving on foot-patrols depending on the size of your event and allows a response to an emergency in just minutes.

Bicycle Emergency Response Team

Using our elite trained First Responders we can deliver rapid response teams for large events such as Marathons, Running Festivals and Fun Runs and other large area events. Our bicycle teams effectively reduce response times to incidents and cover events over large distances.

BERT operates in teams of two ensuring that patients receive the highest standard of initial care.

Mobile Buggy Team

For larger events that may need fast transport or patient transport some distance to access gates we are able to supply a buggy. The buggy is equipped with a stretcher for immobile patients and is set up so that patients can continue to receive the best care while being transported for further treatment.

Medical Assessment Teams

For acute care and high risk events such as Music Festivals and Extreme Sports St John Ambulance Australia ACT can provide you with quality prehospital emergency care. Using a team of Emergency Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics we are able treat and manage patients who require a little more than just first aid on site.

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