St John Ambulance ACT has an illustrious 91 year history providing first aid services, training and community education in the ACT.

In addition to delivering a premier first aid service, St John Ambulance ACT excels in event health and safety research, leading projects in predictions of workloads, injury surveillance and models of health care provision at public events.
St John Ambulance ACT plays a vital support role in the territory emergency management plans, assisting the community when it counts most. 

Our volunteer members and staff are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

St John Ambulance ACT has:
– 253 members
– 308 events where first aid is provided 
– 2597 patients are treated
– 13,636 first aid service hours are provided
– 385 community care service hours are given
– 8147 first aid certificates are issued

St John Ambulance ACT has :
– Volunteers who are qualified and accredited by a registered training organisation to provide pre-hospital care. Our volunteers include St John First Aiders, First Responders and Advanced Responders, as well as Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics.
– A highly visible, recognisable and accessible presence.
– Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance for its members and activities.
– Infrastructure support including vehicles, equipment and communications.
– Casualty Records for all casualties treated.
– Back-up personnel in the event of an emergency.
– Nation-wide partners.
– An organisation with a strong policy and procedure framework covering matters including child protection, privacy, complaints, sexual harassment and occupational health and safety.
– Accountability for its actions.

If you need St John Ambulance ACT’s services, please talk to one of our helpful team members by calling 6282 2399.

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