Meet Leila!

Leila is our friendly First Aid Product Sales Officer, and she coordinates the supply and service of First Aid equipment. “First aid equipment and supplies seem irrelevant until there is an emergency situation, when suddenly they become very important. I really like helping people to be prepared for these situations, and therefore providing them with […]

CBR NightCrew are back!

For those who enjoy going out in the city on the weekends, you’ll be pleased to know that our amazing CBR NightCrew can once again provide you with a safe place to rest, hydrate, charge your phone and find help to get home safely. Oh and there are lollipops, don’t forget the lollipops! From 31st […]

Scenarios training

Scenarios training involves setting up simulations to develop practical skills for real life, and our members have found this training really helpful. The very realistic looking burns and other mock injuries were expertly created by Twisty, our Moulage Master. In addition to the mock burns and injuries, our ‘patients’ also demonstrate the emotions that someone […]

International Day of Friendship 2020

Our members come from all walks of life, but they are always inclusive and supportive of each other, and through their incredible work in supporting the community and helping others, St John Ambulance ACT members have formed some very special and life-long friendships. The International Day of Friendship was initiated by the UN General Assembly […]

Happy 3rd Birthday CBR NightCrew

Happy 3rd Birthday CBR NightCrew! Our incredible CBR NightCrew members have been providing a safe place for those out in the city on weekends for three years, ensuring people have somewhere to rest, hydrate, charge their phones and find help to get home safely. We are so proud of this wonderful initiative and of our Super […]

Work family reunion

When the work family haven’t caught up in a while, there are smiles all round! What a great time the St John Ambulance ACT team had at¬†Kingpin where they played a few games and enjoyed some pizza while they caught up after months of mostly working from home.

Meet Meghan!

Meghan takes care of a variety of tasks at St John Ambulance ACT, including administration, organising public training and community education programs such as Project Resilience, Project Survival and First Aid in Schools. Meghan carries out her work with optimism and is always so organised, helpful and professional. Meghan enjoys working at St John Ambulance […]

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