St John Ambulance ACT is the leading provider of Healthcare and First Aid Services for all kinds of events within the ACT. As an accredited Healthcare and First Aid Provider with the ACT Government and ACT Ambulance Service you can be assured that using our services will meet the needs of your event.


Through regular ongoing training and annual competency reviews our volunteers maintain the highest level of quality first aid skills and pre-hospital emergency care knowledge. St John Ambulance ACT and Australia has a clinical review capability to ensure best practice and innovation in products, training and services.

St John Ambulance ACT boasts a large database of over 100 volunteers, trained as volunteer medics all the way through to Health Care Professionals. This will ensure that your events are always adequately covered and those in attendance have access to immediate first aid. These members make up our 4 teams that you are able to access at your event.

Our volunteer delivery model comprises of Health Care Professionals which include Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics. These members also form the Medical Assessment Teams at high risk events.

Our event organisers will consult with you to ensure you are adequately covered and we are integrated into the event, as well as any other administration.

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