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See below for a list of FAQs in regards to event quotes and bookings in the ACT. 

If you’re having issues please email or call (02) 6282 2399.

Submitting this form is not an automatic acceptance of the booking request.

Please note that each state/territory manages their own Event Health Services Booking Requests.

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We recommend 30 minutes prior to event start to allow time for setup.
We recommend 15-30 minutes prior to event start to allow time for pack-up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Once received, your booking request will be assessed in light of other event bookings, staff & equipment availability and resourcing.
  • You may be contacted by email or phone for more information, especially if this is the first time you have requested St John ACT services.
  • If St John ACT is unable to assist you, you will be notified by phone or email quickly.
  • St John Ambulance do not decline requests for assistance with first aid easily or often; however there are times when we are fully booked.
  • Please try to ensure your booking request comes with plenty (weeks or months) of advance notice to avoid disappointment.
  • If St John ACT is able to take your booking, a quote for a cost recovery fee (no labour component) will be forwarded to you along with our terms and conditions.
  • The quote is based on the nature of the event, the size, the location, the complexity of the planning prior to the event etc
  • You will be asked to make contact with St John ACT in the fortnight leading up to your event to confirm details such as times, locations equipment on site, etc
  • An invoice will be sent to you shortly after the event has taken place or earlier if requested.
  • In consultation with you, St John ACT determines the number of staff required to attend in order to provide the best coverage of your event. Note: –  St John staff do not work alone. This will be discussed with you before a quote is sent and accepted.
  • St John can provide detailed information on the qualification levels of the staff and equipment allocations once the booking has been confirmed.
  • Please note for your planning, the names of the Team Leader or other staff who will attend your event will not be available until very close to the date of the event.

Unfortunately not, each state and territory has their own individual booking system. Please visit the relevant website to book your event health services.








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