COVID-19 Information

We are currently running a modified version of our training courses and are taking the highest level of care for our students, visitors and staff by employing the following measures as part of our Covid-19 strategy;

 1. Adhering to government regulations around physical distancing by keeping all participants within a marked out 4m2 space on the floor.

2. Screening all participants via a Covid-19 questionnaire upon entering the building.

3.  Keeping a log of all visitors for contact tracing purposes.

4. Ensuring all students have their own individual training aids for the day, such as manikins, trainer AED, Epipen, First Aid kit etc. 

5. Utilising disposable coffee cups.

6. Adhering to strict infection control measures such as having readily available hand sanitiser, alcohol wipes and thoroughly disinfecting the room and all equipment at the end of each training course. 

7. Temporarily ceasing advanced training due to the physical nature of the content. 

8. Ceasing actual rescue breaths into the manikins as recommended by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

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