Community Workshops

St John ACT hosts Community First Aid Workshops to help make first aid a part of everybody’s life.

If you are a community group, social group, friendship group, church group or any other group with community goals and you would like to host a community first aid workshop, please contact St John Community Education team on and we will work with you to develop a program to meet your needs.

We also have two community projects that may suit your needs, read below to find out more!

Project Resilience

St John Ambulance Australia (ACT)’s Project Resilience is aimed at our older generation. We deliver Project Resilience free of cost because we strive to build resilience in our local communities by providing free, basic first aid training to seniors and active retirees in the ACT. We think it is wonderful to have the knowledge to be able to help the ones you love.

Our volunteer trainers provide two 90-minute presentations covering relevant topics, such as: a heart attack, stroke, CPR, defibrillation, choking, burns, anaphylaxis and asthma.  We believe at St John Ambulance the more you know the better you can help your friends and families. 

If you would like to sign a group up to receive a presentation, please do not hesitate to contact us with the Community Education Request Form.

Project Survival

Project survival is dedicated to the members in our community facing adversity. We acknowledge that life is sometimes unfair so we are providing a free opportunity to aid these members and to give a life-long skill that can benefit themselves, families and friends.

We provide basic First Aid training, such as: how to call an ambulance, how to stop a major bleed and how to perform CPR. This initiative can enrich particular individuals who are overcoming hardship or seeking refuge at shelters. 

If you are involved with a group, program, rehabilitation centre, shelter or refuge, and would like to be involved with Project Survival, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and let us know a little background on your organisation on the Community Education Request Form.

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