Code of Conduct

The volunteer and salaried members of St John Ambulance Australia work to further the objects of the Order of St John, and more especially the care of the sick and injured, and those in need of special help. In doing so they ensue that their actions maintain the good name and charitable image of St John.

1) Act with integrity, fairness and honesty.
* Respect the dignity of others.
* Respect the rights of others.
* Do not use oppressive or misleading practices, or falsify or wrongly withhold information.
* Ensure that others are treated in accordance with the principles of natural justice.
* Respect the confidentiality of information within St John.

2) Respect the law and act accordingly.
* Comply with the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia and of its individual States and Territories.
* Scrupulously observe the Australia Taxation Acts and other legislation relevant to the conduct of the affairs of St John.
* Apply the provisions of the law to others with humanity and charity.

3) Are responsible for their actions and accountable for the consequences of those actions.
* Accept responsibility for action they take, or fail to take, relating to their position in St John.
* Are responsible for honestly and fully reporting on their actions, and on how they have set about achieving their objectives.

4) Do not place themselves in a position where there is a conflict of interest.
* Avoid situations where their private interests conflict directly or indirectly with their obligations to the organisation.
* Do not receive benefits from a person or organisation seeking to do business with St John.
* Do not promote commercial organisations that compete directly with St John (e.g. in training or in the provision of first aid services).

5) Use the assets of St John only to fulfil the objects of the order.
* Do not use St John funds to provide private benefits for themselves or others.
* Do not use St John funds to an excessive degree for incidental expenditure (such as that on
gifts, entertainment. travel or accommodation) that may be necessary for the transaction of the affairs of St John.

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