Keeping your pets cool

Remember to keep your feathered and furry friends cool during hot weather, and watch for signs of overheating, which can include heavy panting and drooling, glazed eyes, vomiting, weakness, collapse and seizures.A few things you can do to keep pets cool in warmer weather: Always leave fresh, clean water out Ensure there is adequate shade […]

Kim honours her ‘Johnny’ grandfather on her wedding day

Our lovely Kim switched her greens for her wedding gown earlier this year when she became a beautiful bride, and she and her husband each wore a special memento in honour of Kim’s grandfather, who sadly passed away shortly after they became engaged.Kim’s grandfather was a NSW Ambulance paramedic, and a ‘Johnny’ for almost half […]

Cricket season is almost here

We’re gearing up for the upcoming cricket season at Manuka Oval by setting up our first aid station. We are able to transport patients within the event precinct with either a wheelchair, stretcher or medicab. While the ambulance can’t access the pitch, we can transfer badly injured players directly from the pitch to where ACT […]

What is a BERTIE?

Our BERTies were on patrol at The Bloody Long Walk held in October. The Bloody Long Walk is an event aimed at raising awareness and funds for mitochondrial disease. But what is a BERTie you ask?St John Ambulance ACT’s Bicycle Emergency Response Team (aka BERT) are elite trained First Responders who can provide a rapid […]

Thank you HorizonOne Recruitment

Thank you HorizonOne Recruitment for your generous donation to St John Ambulance ACT, a true demonstration of commitment to helping us make first aid part of everybody’s life. As a not-for-profit organisation St John Ambulance ACT provide premium training, supplies, event health services, research, community care and education programs in the ACT. The HorizonOne Recruitment […]

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