Author: Adrian Watts

Rededication Service

On Sunday 27 June, we held our Annual Service of Rededication of the Order of St John, where members of our organisation have the opportunity to renew their oaths of service. Since the revival of the Order, multiple values and a mission has been defined with the main motto being “Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum” […]

Phil Thomas – Men’s Health Week

Phil Thomas, Paramedic and Training & Development Manager What medical field are you/have you been involved in and for how long? I have worked in pre-hospital care for 13 years in a range of areas including non-emergency patient transport and emergency ambulance attendance. Whilst completing my paramedicine degree, I worked as an Ambulance Community Officer, […]

Rod Middleton – Men’s Health Week

Rod Middleton, Member Welfare Officer What does a Member Welfare Officer do? I perform numerous facets to this role. Primarily to provide pastoral care and following up with members who may need a welfare check and just make sure they’re OK, especially after a traumatic event. To be there if a member has an issue […]

Darryl Rice – Men’s Health Week

Darryl Rice, First Aid Trainer What medical field are you/have you been involved in and for how long? My main background was in the military as medical personnel, and served in the Army for 36 years with my specialty being in diving medicine. When I retired from Defence, I was a senior Army medic and […]

Men’s Health Week – Team Responses

We asked our team of staff and volunteers with various medical and first aid experience what Men’s Health Week meant to them. “Men’s Health Week for me is about checking in on my loved ones and their mental health. During the exam period, it can be an extremely stressful time so Men’s Health Week is […]

Men’s Health Week

Today marks the beginning of Men’s Health Week and this year we have decided to launch a social media campaign in hopes of raising awareness about what the week represents, whilst also advertising various services available to men. Men suffer from multiple diseases and disorders at a higher rate than what women do, including diseases […]

Nathanael Semmler – National Volunteer Week

Nathanael Semmler, St John Ambulance ACT Volunteer “I joined St John ACT in 2007 as a cadet with the Canberra Central Youth Division (CCYD). I originally joined to complete my Duke of Edinburgh Award, however, I stayed because CCYD was such an amazing experience; very supportive, great people, and a great place for personal growth. […]

Rocky O’Brien – National Volunteer Week

Rocky O’Brien, St John Ambulance ACT Volunteer Rocky is one of our longest serving volunteers, having served St John Ambulance for 52 years first joining through the cadet service in NSW, and moving to serve the ACT service in 1980. Rocky chose to join the St John Ambulance organisation when she was 12 years old, […]

Adrian Sandrey – National Volunteer Week

Adrian Sandrey, St John Ambulance ACT Volunteer Adrian Sandrey is a St John Ambulance ACT volunteer who mostly works within the Events Health Services area. “I’ve been a member since Jan 2014, and am currently working in health as a registered nurse and transport officer. I’ve been inspired by the volunteers I have had the pleasure […]

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