End of Year Celebration and Awards Night 2021

On Wednsday 1 December 2021, St John Ambulance ACT held their annual End of Year Celebration and Awards Night. Attended by local Members of the order, volunteers, the St John ACT Board members and staff in order to collectively show our gratitude towards everyone who goes above and beyond on behalf of St John Ambulance ACT. We were honoured to welcome the St John Australia National Office team too.

A message from the Chair

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their efforts throughout 2021, another year which presented St John ACT, the community we serve, the nation and indeed the rest of the world with unprecedented challenges.

Whilst most of us are looking towards the new year, reconnecting with family and friends, and enjoying the easing of restrictions, it is important to acknowledge our collective efforts and reflect on what we have achieved.

The success of our organisation is built on the efforts of our members, volunteers and staff and we have overcome new obstacles, created new opportunities such as partnering with ACT Health and achieved successes that have set us up for a smooth transition into 2022.

We are hopeful about the opportunities ahead, across the broad range of services we offer, to respond to changing community and client needs and wants. The people in this organisation continue to show great leadership and commitment to the community.

I acknowledge and thank my fellow Board members and express gratitude to all our volunteers and staff for their continued passion, dedication and willingness to adapt in uncertain times. I look forward to formally recognising the achievements of those who delivered extraordinary efforts throughout the year.

Service Awards 2020

The following awards are provided to volunteers who have completed a prescribed number of years of recognised service with St John. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation without whom we could not serve our community in so many ways.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

5 years

Rodney Middleton
Pierre De Alvia
Leith Schmidt
Emily O’Hara

Service Medals 2020

The Service Medal of The Order of St John is an international medal that is awarded to members who have completed 10 years or more of the minimum of 60 hours of voluntary service to their community through St John.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

10 Years

Nathan Carriage
Hayley Cockman
Clare Forster OStJ
Owen Watson

15 Years

Margaret Naylor MStJ
Rae-Maree Powell MStJ
Robert Douglas Sturkey CVO AM KStJ

25 Years

Caroline Gliddon OStJ
Gregory Lowe MStJ
Helen Stark OStJ

30 Years

Nicole Gliddon MStJ
Geoffrey Newman-Martin CSM RFD CStJ

Commendation Awards

Bronze Commendations

The Bronze Commendation is awarded by the ACT Board Chair for high or noteworthy achievement, typically for a ‘one off’ event.

We would like to congratulate:

Scott Bourke
Haydn Dickerson
Ann Montgomery
Emma Robertson
Vicki Satlabanis
Joel Stachlewski
Steve Welsh

Silver Commendations

The Silver Commendation is awarded by the ACT Board Chair for excellent achievement in the application of skills, judgment or devotion to duty.

We would like to congratulate:

Fiona Burgman
Thomas Cressy
Daniel Qin
Phil Winter

Gold Commendation

The Gold Commendation is awarded by the Chancellor for situations of superior achievement or devotion in the application of skills, judgment or dedication to duty of national significance.

We are extremely proud to congratulate:

Matthew Orton MStJ

End of Year Celebration and Awards Night 2021

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