Rededication Service

On Sunday 27 June, we held our Annual Service of Rededication of the Order of St John, where members of our organisation have the opportunity to renew their oaths of service.

Since the revival of the Order, multiple values and a mission has been defined with the main motto being “Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum” translating to “For the Faith, in the Service of Humanity”. The mission of St John Ambulance is to promote the physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being of the community, through the training and providing of first aid.

In the Nineteenth Century, the Order of St John was revived in England with inspiration drawn from the Knights of St John who offered care and shelter for pilgrims and crusaders in medieval times. From this Order, St John Ambulance was formed to deliver humanitarian efforts in practice to their communities through promoting the need for first aid and treating the sick and wounded. Even at the organisation’s initial revival, these efforts were carried out by volunteers and still are to this day. In 1883, the St John Ambulance movement spread to Australia and developed into the multi-state organisation known today. This movement is also carried out worldwide, with over 35 countries getting involved as well as the operating Eye Hospitals in Jerusalem, Gaza and West Bank. St John is a Royal Order of Chivalry with the Queen as its Sovereign Head.

On the day, a capitular procession was formed of selected representative Members and Members of the Grades of Commander, Dames and Knights , the Priory Secretary, Mrs Hurley, and His Excellency, the Governor General David Hurley Prior of the Order of St John in Australia, who wore their Order mantles. Members of the procession included: Priory Secretary Len Fiori KStJ, Lyn Dansie DStJ, Malcom Hazell KStJ, Ian Howie-Willis KStJ, Peter LeCornu KStJ, Richard Caesar-Thwaytes KM, OStJ, Clare Forster OStJ, Mrs Hurley, His Excellency, the Governor General David Hurley KStJ). The procession was led by several members of St John Ambulance ACT, NSW and the Order of St John who carrying the Colour and Priory Emblems. These Priory Emblems included the Cross of St John, the St John ACT Colour, the St John ACT Cadet Colour, the Priory Colour, the Standard of the Order of St John, the Queen’s Beasts and the Sword of the Priory of Australia of Order of St John. The Colour and Priory Emblems are blessed and sacred symbols of the sovereign Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, the Priory of Australia and the Order of St John and reflect the work and achievements of the Order of St John and St John Ambulance past, present and emerging. The Colour and Priory Emblems are placed on the Sanctuary, with the Queen’s Beasts and Sword placed on the alter. We thank the following emblem bearers: Kate Pounder, Pierre de Alvia, Nicole Gliddon MStJ, Kaelym Griggs, Darryl Rice OstJ, Malcolm Hazell KStJ and Nathanael Semmler MStJ. We would also like to extend our thanks to Kate Pounder, Caroline Gliddon OStJ, Nathanael Semmler MStJ and His Excellency David Hurley KStJ for their readings and interview.

It was a lovely service to attend, and we are forever grateful for the hard work and dedication our staff and volunteers provide to delivering the St John Ambulance mission.



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Rededication Service

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