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Darryl Rice, First Aid Trainer

What medical field are you/have you been involved in and for how long?

My main background was in the military as medical personnel, and served in the Army for 36 years with my specialty being in diving medicine. When I retired from Defence, I was a senior Army medic and had done a 6 month course with the Navy.

After being a volunteer for 39 years, and a First Aid trainer for 30 years, I have many St John Ambulance medical qualifications; I also have nursing and paramedic qualifications after being a trainer for 30 years.

Why did you choose to go into that profession?

I originally went into the Army as a medic because I wanted to be an ambulance officer, but after being with them for so long, I realised I could do more as an Army medic than an ambulance officer, hence why I stayed so long.

Working with St John Ambulance Australia has also allowed me to work for St John Ambulance Singapore and experience a whole new culture and assist even more community members.

Do you have any goals within this profession?

I always wanted to be a clinician and help people, especially after my Dad lost his leg due to a motorcycle accident. When I visited Dad in hospital, I observed the doctors and nurses helping him and the other patients, and knew that’s what I wanted to do.

What is the most fulfilling aspect of being in this profession?

As simple as it is, helping people.

Being a trainer has also expanded the fulfilment aspects for myself, and I now feel extreme happiness when my students are able to successfully help people and influence the local community.

Do you have any advice for men wishing to go into this profession?

While gender equality is definitely still an issue with nurses predominantly being women, due to their “caring” nature, it is important to remember that this career comes with a certain unpleasantness and that not everybody can cope with what jobs come up.

However, if you are looking for a career that is incredibly rewarding and comes with a sense of fulfilment, this is it.

Darryl Rice – Men’s Health Week

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