Men’s Health Week – Team Responses

We asked our team of staff and volunteers with various medical and first aid experience what Men’s Health Week meant to them.

“Men’s Health Week for me is about checking in on my loved ones and their mental health. During the exam period, it can be an extremely stressful time so Men’s Health Week is a reminder to look after not only others but also yourself.”

“Men’s Health Week to me means a week to raise awareness about key issues in men’s health – which can sometimes be a neglected topic.”

“To me, it is an opportunity to bring about awareness of Men’s Health matters.”

“Us men often don’t prioritise our physical and mental health until the last moment, and therefore often find ourselves in greater trouble. We also often try to do things in isolation and need friends and family to positively encourage us to take action, whether that be to go and talk with someone, make an appointment or even go for a walk/do some exercise. Most people in our lives are willing to help and are more supportive than we realise.”

“Letting men know they are loved and able to seek and find help.”

“Men’s health week highlights men’s health issues. The awareness of men’s health issues and the encouragement of health checks will increase the early detection of treatable conditions. Men’s health week is a great opportunity to start a conversation with a narrative around breaking down the barriers to seeking out a regular health check.”

“Men’s Health Week is about checking in on those we love, especially if they are going through a tough time and forget to look after themselves, by offering support.”

“Men’s Health Week is an opportunity to stop and think about the health of the men and boys in our lives. Take the time to ask a loved one “Are you OK?” and support them to prioritise their physical, mental and social health.”

“Us blokes spend less time wondering about our health. We rarely want to talk about our issues, but we have more, on average than the girls. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, depression and unique prostate issues can be prevented if we just talk about it. Of course, we need to consider participating in a healthier lifestyle, which will help us to not be Mr Average!!”

Men’s Health Week – Team Responses

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