Rocky O’Brien – National Volunteer Week

Rocky O’Brien, St John Ambulance ACT Volunteer

Rocky is one of our longest serving volunteers, having served St John Ambulance for 52 years first joining through the cadet service in NSW, and moving to serve the ACT service in 1980. Rocky chose to join the St John Ambulance organisation when she was 12 years old, purely because all the other children on her street were and she wanted to join in. However, as an adult she has stayed on with St John Ambulance as she learnt so much through the cadet service, has made lifelong friends from all over Australia and the world, and really enjoys the comradery. Joining St John Ambulance has given Rocky so many opportunities including exploring her mentorship and leadership skills and has, most importantly, had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

Rocky mostly volunteers with the EHS program, but has had a number of roles within St John Ambulance including Territory Cadet Officer, Territory Manager, Operations Officer, and multiple teaching positions. Her most memorable duty with St John ACT has been her work with the Scouts, particularly looking after the Cuboree First Aid and being awarded a Silver Arrowhead; Rocky is continuously asked back by the Scouts to look after their first aid and has been doing so since 1983.

In Rocky’s spare time, she is supposed to be retired but can’t help keeping busy, so she works part-time as a medical receptionist and has been a nurse since 1988.


Rocky O’Brien

Rocky has been volunteering with us for 41 years and received a Silver Commendation last year. We are so grateful to Rocky for all her dedication and hard work, especially through the bushfires in 2019-2020 and her tireless work throughout COVID-19 where she provided support and guidance to St John ACT staff and volunteers. Rocky dedicated herself to 420 volunteering hours in 2020, alone, and is always there with an infectious smile and laugh.

Rocky O’Brien – National Volunteer Week

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