Adrian Sandrey – National Volunteer Week

Adrian Sandrey, St John Ambulance ACT Volunteer

Adrian Sandrey is a St John Ambulance ACT volunteer who mostly works within the Events Health Services area.

“I’ve been a member since Jan 2014, and am currently working in health as a registered nurse and transport officer. I’ve been inspired by the volunteers I have had the pleasure of spending time with helping the community. Super respectful of the hard work, effort and knowledge that was put into initially setting up the CBR Night crew program. This respected and unique format still having a massive input to the safety of hundreds on a weekly basis. Rewarded by the input our service has when we work to support large public events, ensuring efficient, well trained staff are available. Ability to use skills and experience gained through education to further enhance working with a fantastic team that have been both resilient and resourceful when it comes to getting the job done.”


Adrian Sandrey

Adrian has been volunteering with us since 2013 and through this time, has upskilled to a Health Care Professional. Thank you, Adrian, for your long hours and many years of volunteering with us.

Adrian Sandrey – National Volunteer Week

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