Kim Baker – National Volunteer Week

Kim Baker, St John Ambulance ACT Volunteer

Kim Baker is a St John Ambulance ACT volunteer who mostly works within the Events Health Services area.

“I have wanted to volunteer with St John Ambulance for a number of years, being inspired by my late grandfather’s long service history with the organisation. The sense of service and team work I feel as an EHS volunteer is rare in the civilian world. My goal is to become a first responder and team lead in the future.

When I’m not in my greens, I am a mother to a 2.5 year old girl, one half of a DanceSport competitive couple with my husband, and a capability analyst in the public service.”


Kim Baker

Kim has been volunteering with us since 2019 and has attended an array of events over the past two years, even during the COVID-19 restrictions, and we are so grateful for her continued dedication.

Kim Baker – National Volunteer Week

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