CBR NightCrew Response Kits Upgrade

St John Ambulance ACT received additional funding from the ACT Government’s Justice and Community Safety Directorate, which enabled us to purchase new response kits for CBR NightCrew. These kits will allow us to better support the Canberra community. The new response kits are more purpose-built than the original backpacks, allowing them to carry more equipment and provide better assistance.

These response kits come fitted with a multitude of improvements including a defibrillator, an oxygen machine, diagnostic equipment, dressings, and the usual CBR NightCrew classics such as thongs, lollipops, blankets, and vomit bags.

This additional funding has also given us the capacity to increase the hours and days CBR NightCrew operates. Until 30 June 2021, CBR NightCrew will be at Platform 5 of the Civic Bus Interchange on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights as well as on Sundays for public holiday weekends.

We would like to thank the ACT Government’s Justice and Community Safety Directorate for their ongoing support over the past year.

CBR NightCrew Response Kits Upgrade

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