St John Ambulance Branded Defibrillators Have Arrived

Despite advancements in medical treatment, thousands of people are dying needlessly each year of sudden cardiac arrest. More than 30,000 cardiac arrests happen each year in Australia. It has an incredibly high death rate – 90% will die in just minutes. The lucky ones who are defibrillated by a bystander are as low as 1% of all victims.

Why is it so quick to kill? During cardiac arrest, the heart stops pumping blood suddenly and an invisible count down begins from about 10 minutes. If no CPR is provided and no defibrillator is applied during that 10 minutes, the patient will not survive. That is a sad fact. The only treatment for a heart in cardiac arrest (in ‘fibrillation’) is for it to be de-fibrillated, this allows for it to be shocked by an electric current to start beating correctly again. You could wait for an ambulance to arrive, however the average ambulance arrival time in Victoria is currently over 12 minutes for a Code 1 emergency. Our incredible paramedics do their very best, but not every location has an ambulance waiting around the corner. Everyday people like you are the only way to reach the 70% survival rate already achieved in some parts of the world. You, and of course having defibrillators nearby, ideally within 2 minutes.

Without a defibrillator arriving in the first 10 minutes, even if you keep doing CPR, the chance of survival on CPR alone is minimal. Which is why our ambitious goal is for 50% of sudden cardiac arrest patients to receive defibrillation. We can only achieve this if more defibrillators are available in the community. Every workplace, every sporting club and every public place should have a defibrillator nearby, and it should be registered so that Triple Zero operators can locate it in an emergency and ask a GoodSAM Responder to bring it to the patient.

This is why, we at St John Ambulance, are launching something very special – a brand new range of defibrillators that are the best you can find. We rely on our defibrillators at events, for patients in ambulances and in emergencies, so we had a tough checklist of our own.

This checklist includes features like:

  • CPR feedback to tell you if you are doing CPR fast enough, too fast, deep enough and are fully releasing. This feature alone was proven to double survival rate even with highly trained responders, so the impact it is likely to have on laypeople could be a game-changer.
  • Strong shock capacity with a high-powered battery for up to 420 shocks
  • Easier to use pads that can be placed in either spot (known as non-polarized)
  • Simple to use – we know the public are intimidated by defibs, so these provide audio as well as visual instructions step by step so that you don’t even need training to use one
  • Smarter shocks – instead of delivering the same dose to all patients, a device that analyses the patients body type, size and composition to deliver the perfectly measured dose each time
  • Extensive daily self-testing
  • Rugged, water resistant and able to be dropped

These are just a few of the features our new range of defibrillators has on offer, most of these are not seen on any other models in the market. We stand by our defibrillators being simple, effective and ready to help you save lives.

We’d like to give more workplaces, schools, sports clubs or community groups the power to save lives, which is why we’re also giving away 20 of the new St John Ambulance G5 Defibrillators with Intellisense CPR feedback. Enter now


St John Ambulance Branded Defibrillators Have Arrived

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