Year: 2021

First Aid Tips: How to treat snake bites?

With warmer weather setting in, snakes in the ACT are emerging from their winter hibernation, looking for food and for mates. We are home to several beautiful parks and bushwalks, and it is only fair to be vigilant and ready when heading outdoors where we might encounter snakes. Snakes in ACT Although they are usually […]

How to get your first aid kit ready for Road Trips?

With the arrival of summer, post lockdown, Aussies are jumping on the chance for some fresh air and a change of scenery.  Australia has some of the most amazing beaches and bushwalks, but we are also home to a variety of creatures who may cause harm when they are disturbed. The most common injuries to happen outdoors range from breaks, sprains and cuts to snake bites, […]

Why World First Aid Day Matters

Only 26 percent of Australians are trained to perform first aid and CPR in an emergency!  Results from a survey that was carried out by Roy Morgan Research, who gathered the thoughts of almost 3,000 everyday Australians on how prepared they are to deal with cardiac arrest. How surprising when compared to 99 percent of Australians who mentioned that they knew that resuscitation and first aid […]

Women’s Health Week 2021

Jean Hailes “Women’s Health Week is a week dedicated to all women across Australia to make good health a priority.” St John Ambulance ACT supports all initiatives that encourage healthier lifestyles and this Women’s Health Week we’d like to encourage women and girls to: Stay active Make an appointment for a health check Stay connected, […]

Vote for Aunty Val as our Westfield local Hero!

  Val, affectionately known as ‘Aunty Val’ at St John Ambulance ACT, is a selfless and humble member of the ACT community, having dedicated all of her adult life to supporting the community she loves, through volunteering. Her age and many health challenges have not been allowed to stand in her way, Val regularly contributes […]

St John Ambulance ACT answering the call to be “United by Stroke”

Do you know the warning signs and symptoms for someone suffering from a stroke? St John Ambulance ACT are using National Stroke Week (2-8 August 2021) to raise awareness around stroke detection. St John Ambulance ACT chief executive Adrian Watts said every second counts in the event of a stroke and knowing how to recognise […]

Rededication Service

On Sunday 27 June, we held our Annual Service of Rededication of the Order of St John, where members of our organisation have the opportunity to renew their oaths of service. Since the revival of the Order, multiple values and a mission has been defined with the main motto being “Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum” […]

Phil Thomas – Men’s Health Week

Phil Thomas, Paramedic and Training & Development Manager What medical field are you/have you been involved in and for how long? I have worked in pre-hospital care for 13 years in a range of areas including non-emergency patient transport and emergency ambulance attendance. Whilst completing my paramedicine degree, I worked as an Ambulance Community Officer, […]

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