End of Year Celebration and Awards Night 2020

On Friday 11 December 2020, St John Ambulance ACT held their annual End of Year Celebration and Awards Night. Attended by local Members of the order, volunteers, Directors and staff in order to collectively show our gratitude towards everyone who goes above and beyond on behalf of St John Ambulance ACT.

This year we had the honour to host Shannon Armstrong and Trude Salat from St John Ambulance NSW, in order for them to present a few NSW citations to all those who aided in the bushfire efforts of 2020.

A message from the Chair

First and foremost I want to personally thank the collective team. Without our dedicated staff, first aid volunteers, directors and community supporters, I doubt we would

have survived the journey of both 2019 and 2020. I truly believe that as the ACT team, we represent a OneStJohn in both deed and spirit. This approach is essential and fundamental to our success and to our future.

As we transitioned into 2020, the team, rather than being able to dwell and reflect on the positive outcomes that 2019 delivered, was engulfed literally by the extensive and unprecedented bushfire events. This emergency resulted in an extraordinary whole of organisation response by St John ACT and inc

luded the active deployment of our volunteers into harm’s way in support of the NSW Bushfire response as well as volunteers supporting emergency community centers within the ACT.

To be honest, nothing quite prepares people for events like this. The rapid and professional response was a testament to our volunteer training system and capacity and knowledge of our broader team. To everyone in our team who supported the emergency and the affected communities, our collective thanks for a job well done.

People remain the key to our success and our future in making first aid a part of everybody’s life. In this context, I would like to reinforce and continue to encourage our team to formally recognise peers who deliver outstanding service, and that brings us to tonight’s proceedings.

Service Awards 2020

The following awards are provided to volunteers who have completed a prescribed number of years of recognised service with St John. Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation without whom we could not serve our community in so many ways.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

3 Years

Leszek Buszynski
Rachael Featherstone
Scott Gore-Johnson
Xue Song Liu
Emily O’Hara
Jordan Jeans
Lachlan Finlayson
Kathleen Waller
Yang Xu
Yi-Jing Zeng

5 years

Lauren Allen
Wade Chudzinski
Damien Donavan
Ruth Foxwell
Meg Keyes
Allister Klenthis
Eric Mandl
Justin Moloney
Adrian Sandrey
Twisty Schmid MStJ
Kellie Takenaka

6 Years

Ian Hill

Service Medals 2020

The Service Medal of The Order of St John is an international medal that is awarded to members who have completed 10 years or more of the minimum of 60 hours of voluntary service to their community through St John.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

15 Years

Diane Armstrong

20 Years

John Gallagher MStJ

25 Years

Patricia Dahlitz MStJ

35 Years

Valmai Dempsey CStJ

40 Years

Rocky O’Brien CStJ

Commendation Awards

Bronze Commendations

The Bronze Commendation is awarded by the ACT Board Chair for high or noteworthy achievement, typically for a ‘one off’ event.

We would like to congratulate:

Anastasia Benton
Daniel Qin
Justin Moloney
Satu Nuutinen

Silver Commendations

The Silver Commendation is awarded by the ACT Board Chair for excellent achievement in the application of skills, judgment or devotion to duty.

We would like to congratulate:

Sarah Ahmed
Lachlan Finlayson
Clare Forster OStJ
John Gallagher MStJ
Rodney Middleton
Geoffrey Newman-Martin CSM CStJ
Rocky O’Brien CStJ
Darryl Rice OAM OStJ
Helen Stark MStJ
Douglas Sturkey CVO AM KStJ

Gold Commendation

The Gold Commendation is awarded by the Chancellor for situations of superior achievement or devotion in the application of skills, judgment or dedication to duty of national significance.

We are extremely proud to congratulate:

Valmai Dempsey CStJ

End of Year Celebration and Awards Night 2020

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