Keeping your pets cool

Remember to keep your feathered and furry friends cool during hot weather, and watch for signs of overheating, which can include heavy panting and drooling, glazed eyes, vomiting, weakness, collapse and seizures.
A few things you can do to keep pets cool in warmer weather:
  • Always leave fresh, clean water out
  • Ensure there is adequate shade
  • Never leave pets alone in a car, or on a ute
  • Keep pets indoors whenever possible
  • Consider cooling mats, collars, kennels and shallow pools
  • Make kibble ice blocks

If you’d like to gain knowledge and skills to help your pet in an emergency if they are injured or unwell, along with plenty of invaluable health care tips and advice, book a place on our Pet First Aid course . You’ll also receive a Pet First Aid Kit valued at $36.95, plus $5 from every booking will be donated to ACT Pet Crisis Support.

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This course is non-accredited and is not intended to replace the professional and expert attention of a veterinarian.

Keeping your pets cool
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