Kim honours her ‘Johnny’ grandfather on her wedding day

Our lovely Kim switched her greens for her wedding gown earlier this year when she became a beautiful bride, and she and her husband each wore a special memento in honour of Kim’s grandfather, who sadly passed away shortly after they became engaged.
Kim’s grandfather was a NSW Ambulance paramedic, and a ‘Johnny’ for almost half his life. Bob Baker gave the equivalent of an incredible 173 years of service to first aid and to his community, between his work with the Army Reserves, the Volunteer Bushfire Brigade and St John Ambulance.
On her anniversary with St John Ambulance ACT, Kim received her grandfather’s St John Ambulance pin and clip that her grandmother had sent, and that her and her husband wore on their wedding day.
Thank you Kim for your work with St John Ambulance ACT, and for allowing us to share this special story. What a wonderful man Bob Baker was, and a beautiful tribute in his honour.
Kim honours her ‘Johnny’ grandfather on her wedding day

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