What is a BERTIE?

Our BERTies were on patrol at The Bloody Long Walk held in October. The Bloody Long Walk is an event aimed at raising awareness and funds for mitochondrial disease. But what is a BERTie you ask?
St John Ambulance ACT’s Bicycle Emergency Response Team (aka BERT) are elite trained First Responders who can provide a rapid response at marathons, fun runs, festivals and other events that cover a large area.
Where vehicle access is also limited due to significant crowding, we can deploy teams of two responders who are fully equipped with first aid kits and life-saving equipment. Our bicycle teams can safely and effectively reduce response times to incidents, cover larger distances and ensure that patients quickly receive the highest standard of initial care.
Our team are happy to be back out in the community, and seeing people enjoying themselves at events again.
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What is a BERTIE?
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