Meet Suze

As our Digital Communications Designer, Susan keeps busy planning and writing content, researching articles, creating videos, designing print and digital materials, and managing our social media.


Susan says that the best thing about St John Ambulance ACT is the people (of course)! “There are many staff and volunteers who work quietly behind the scenes to make sure our programs are a success. They have an incredible work ethic, and they have worked through demanding times with humour, intelligence and creativity.”


When Susan isn’t working she enjoys playing and writing music, a wide range of creative projects, and spending time with her her pets which include 2 dogs, 40 sheep and 2 alpacas.


Thank you for being a ray of sunshine from day one Suze! We appreciate your upbeat spirit, unending enthusiasm and patience when we message you at all hours of the day and night with requests and ideas. St John ACT would not be the same without you.

Meet Suze
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