Meet Lachlan, our local hero!

Not only is Lachlan one of the CBR NightCrew Duty Coordinators, a Registered Nurse with our Event Health Services team and a member of the Divisional Leadership Team, he has also been involved with Project Resilience and Project Survival.

“I think the people at St John Ambulance ACT are amazing. The people I have the opportunity to work alongside are diverse and give a unique experience to every duty, even when there are no patients to attend to.”

 When Lachlan isn’t working and volunteering his time, he says he enjoys ‘nerdy things’ such as reading novels – especially fantasy and sci-fi – as well as video and board games. They say that nerds will rule the world, so we think the world is in safe hands with nerds like Lachlan in charge.

Lachlan says one of the most exhausting but satisfying experiences of his life was being deployed to Narooma and Bega during the recent bushfires. He and his team were meant to be there for 24 hours but spent five days saving lives and treating injuries. While on deployment in Narooma during the bushfire crisis of 2019 and early 2020, Lachlan tells us that while treating a patient with hypoglycaemia, and after giving them some fruit juice, he and the team figured it would be good to get the patient something that would give some longer lasting effects. One of the team went to get the patient a sandwich, but Lachlan says that they obviously didn’t communicate clearly enough who the sandwich was for, because when the team member came back they had eaten most of the sandwich. The team member was confused about why they’d been sent to get a sandwich in the first place, but these moments shared by the team are the ones to remember.

“I have always found that people are far more capable of handling first aid situations than they think they are. The idea of what they might encounter is often scary to new volunteers, but with the training and support offered by St John Ambulance I have seen people accomplish so many things they never thought they’d be able to do.”

The team at St John Ambulance ACT are so pleased that Lachlan has been shortlisted as a nominee for community voting in the Westfield Woden Local Heroes awards. Lachlan truly deserves to be recognised for his incredible, ongoing work in the community with St John Ambulance ACT. As a single parent, he still manages to contribute so much to the team and the community. Voting is open until 14 September 2020, and we’d be so grateful for your votes and to see Lachlan receive the much deserved honour of this award! Read more and vote for Lachlan as your Westfield Woden Local Hero.
Meet Lachlan, our local hero!
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