Meet Leila!

Leila is our friendly First Aid Product Sales Officer, and she coordinates the supply and service of First Aid equipment.

“First aid equipment and supplies seem irrelevant until there is an emergency situation, when suddenly they become very important. I really like helping people to be prepared for these situations, and therefore providing them with a sense of reassurance.”

Since Leila hasn’t been able to get out much due to Covid-19 restrictions, she has been enjoying time revisiting her skills as a chef.

Leila enjoys working with her St John family, and says there have been too many funny stories to share.

“If you think you have any interest or motivation to be a St John volunteer, you should do it. There is so much to gain, and St John embraces and nurtures the good spirit of all our members. You will open yourself up to a world of positivity.”

Thank you Leila for your friendly and optimistic attitude and your ongoing hard work! We’ve had such a busy year filled with unique challenges, and we’re so grateful to have you as an important part of our team.

If you’d like to find out more about being prepared with the right first aid equipment and supplies for your situation, please email us at

Meet Leila!
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