Thank a First Responder Day

2 June 2020, Australia’s first Thank a First Responder Day. We are so grateful to First Responders across the country, who dedicate so much every day to protect, defend and care for our communities while facing extreme circumstances.

Our own First Responders include Advanced Responders and Health Care Professionals such as Nurses, Paramedics and Doctors. They have given their time at small, large and high-risk events, and were part of the bushfire response earlier this year, working alongside the Australian Army and other agencies to assist those in fire affected areas.

Being a First Responder in such challenging times takes skill, dedication and training. Australia’s First Responders continue to demonstrate composure and determination in extremely demanding situations. They have families and friends who they often have to leave behind during stressful times, in order to protect, defend and care for our communities.

Thank you to First Responders everywhere, and to the families and friends who support them, for all your efforts and the work you have done and continue to do. We are so grateful.

Check out the video messages, including a lovely message from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Thank a First Responder Day
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