Meet Rob!

As our Commercial Sales Manager, Rob knows all about our products and equipment and is always ready with a cheerful smile to help out and explain more about any of our products to ensure you have the equipment that suits your needs.

“I love the spirit amongst all the team. Everyone looks out for each other and we all share a common goal in helping the community.

Rob moved to Canberra from Sydney in 2019 and now enjoys life here with his young family and active Labrador.

“We love getting out and exploring different parts of this neck of the woods. When not going out, especially now due to Covid-19, I love to dabble in the garden and cook. Ok so I’m now showing my age!

Rob has enjoyed meeting new people at the many trade-shows and events that we’ve attended and recalls a funny story after working at one of the trade-shows.

“Coming back from a trade show, a policeman pulled me over for a routine breath test. He looked down, glanced at the St John Ambulance logo on my shirt and promptly apologised, thanked me for the work we do, and sent me on my way, no breath test…. but its ok, I wasn’t drinking… well not until later!”

Rob values his team and his role at St John Ambulance ACT and the supportive environment he works in.

“If you want to work for a professional, respected organisation who take pride in what they do, and also have room to have some fun then this is the place for you.

In recent times, with bushfires, hail storms and now COVID-19, it never ceases to amaze me of how generous, caring, resilient  and hard-working the entire team are. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the world will throw at us in the next few months. Or perhaps not! Stay safe all!

Thank you Rob for your positive attitude and for all your excellent knowledge and work since you’ve joined us. We’re so grateful to have you on the team!

Meet Rob!
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