Member of the month, March 2020

Ana (pictured centre) is our friendly Community Programs Administrator, which means she follows the entire timeline of an event, from start to finish. Ana is across everything, from receiving quotes, attending event meetings, planning the appropriate equipment for members to use at an event, ensuring the event is covered by St John Ambulance ACT Members, and assisting them with equipment collection if required. “It’s a fun, little process and it feels pretty rewarding when you hear that the event ran well, and the members enjoyed themselves.”

When speaking to Ana, it’s obvious that she enjoys working with St John Ambulance ACT. “I loving getting to know the St John Ambulance Members, and hearing their enthusiasm for what they do, and it makes me excited to do my job. With all the fires going on lately, you can’t help but get emotional and really proud of those who have put up their hands to be deployed into environments which could be unsafe, sometimes for a week at a time. We have some truly remarkable people, and my team are also really supportive and easy-going. It’s so nice to have a close-knit work family. We all help each other, which makes for a really healthy environment – and that’s what I like best.” 

Having a close-knit work family means you often share funny or embarrassing moments. “I have tried to make a phone call through the calculator keypad on my mobile before. That was a good laugh.”

Ana loves receiving feedback from others, and while she doesn’t think she’s been around long enough to give advice, her suggestion to “Do what you love, with love” is both wonderful and wise.

When Ana isn’t busily working, she enjoys being in the garden with her partner, spending time outdoors, baking, yoga and binging Netflix with a wine.

Thank you for your positive energy and wonderful work Ana. The St John Ambulance ACT work family think you are a delight to work with!

Member of the month, March 2020
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