Talking to students at Erindale College

Volunteers and staff who have been working together at the Erindale Evacuation Centre, were happy to share their community service experiences with students of Erindale College yesterday.

While they each have different backgrounds and experiences to share, their reasons for doing this work were very similar. They are driven to help others because they find it rewarding and and ‘it feels right’.

It was also helpful to hear about the various ways they manage the stress which can result from working in difficult situations, where they are exposed to those experiencing significant trauma and distress.

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers from the many organisations who have been working at Evacuation and Relief Centres over the last few months. Those pictured below included representatives from Australian ArmyACT State Emergency ServiceACT GovernmentCommunities at Work, our very own Judith and Rachael and ACT Disaster Recovery Chaplaincy Network.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a volunteer with us, please email us at

Talking to students at Erindale College
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