A feathered and furry Christmas


We have some very good boys and girls visiting us today (take note Santa)!

Archie is a good boy! He likes to explore the office to make sure things are in order. He’s also in charge of distractions to ensure you have an OH&S break. Thank you for visiting today Archie, you know how to bring the smiles!
Pippa is a very good girl! She helped out with some Communications and Barketing tasks today. She’s a natural communicator and a real team player! Thank you for blessing us with your sweet face today Pippa!
Our little feathered friends held a meeting to discuss the importance of staff morale. They want you to know you’re great! Thank you for your wisdom and kindness little quail friends!
This little lady is very curious. When she asks ‘How are you?’ she really wants to know. Maybe she’s a sticky beak, but also she just cares.

Merry Christmas from our feathered and furry friends.

A feathered and furry Christmas
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